The Supply Chain Expo & Technical Programme for the Global Magnetics Industry

December 10-11, 2024

RAI Amsterdam

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Helping to shape the ultimate Magnetics event of 2024

"Bringing the Magnetics Show to Europe is a great opportunity to bring together what can be a disparate group of industries who all rely on the fantastic properties of Rare Earth Magnets. The Magnetics Show will seek to advance the scientific, technical and practical development and application of magnetics technology and as Chair of the UkMagSoc I am happy to support any event that aligns with our core values. By being at the event the UkMagSoc will add members to our continually growing communities, where more people means more connections and more activity to drive the magnetics community forward."

                          (Matthew Swallow, The UK Magnetics Society & Bunting Magnetics Europe)

“For many years Europe has been an important region for magnetics innovation and technology. More recently the regions focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency has led to the introduction of numerous enabling applications utilizing magnetic materials. We are also seeing an acknowledgment of the importance of critical materials and the implementation of a European integrated permanent magnet supply chain. It is therefore appropriate that a European Magnetics Trade Show and Conference emphasizing the total magnetics supply chain and applications is being launched.”

(John Ormerod, JOC LLC & & Bunting-DuBois)

"Europe has a strong tradition in magnetism research and plays a leading role in industry related to the production and application of magnetic materials. Ranging from soft magnets to spintronics; from fundamental research to applications in sensing and energy conversion, there is a highly specialized ecosystem that promotes interactions among the different key players. The Magnetics Show Europe 2024, which will take place in Amsterdam, is therefore a unique venue for facilitating new collaborations with key players in this sector and strengthening private-public partnerships that tackle the hot topics for further development in the area." (Victorino Franco, University of Seville)

Attending Buyers

Magnetics are exceptional and unparalleled in their nature. With unique properties utilized in a vast array of applications,
this abundant material plays a pivotal role in the quality and effectiveness of the end product.

From energy conversion, aerospace, to the modest refrigerator magnet; it is a substance that keeps on giving.
Discuss the magnitude of the magnet with various attendees from an array of end-user buying groups.

Exhibitor Profiles

Exhibitors attending The Magnetics Show encompass the entire supply chain of the magnetic material and rare earth industries. The event offers a comprehensive platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

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The Magnetics Show Europe is hosted at the RAI Amsterdam. Located just a 10 minute train ride from the airport, with easy access into the city 
centre from the venue and it's hotel services.

Best route from the airport by train?
Schiphol Airport --> Sprinter 5737 towards Utrecht Centraal --> Get off at Amsterdam RAI

Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam provides quick and easy access to 320 global destinations every day, with 40,000+ hotel rooms. 90% of its residents speak English, making it the ideal location for The Magnetics Show Europe.

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